Our Lift Consultancy Services

  1. Surveys of lifts and escalators
    W. J & A will attend site and carry out a detailed survey of the lift(s) and escalator(s) and produce a report.
  2. Reports on lifts and escalators
    Following a survey of the lift(s) and escalator(s) a report will be prepared detailing the equipment as installed, the condition and estimated serviceable life of each major component. The anticipated serviceable life of the lift(s) and/or escalator(s) as a whole. Should the condition of the lift or escalator be in such a condition that a repair or refurbishment is deemed necessary, the report will include the work necessary to return the equipment into a serviceable condition and provide budget costs and an estimated programme of works.
  3. Lift maintenance audits
    W. J & A will attend site and examine the Lift(s) and or Escalator(s) and prepare a report on the standard of maintenance being delivered by the maintenance contractor. Depending upon the type of maintenance contract in place, the report will highlight any shortfalls in the maintenance procedures and detail the work necessary to enable the lift/escalator engineer to return to site and provide the level of maintenance specified by the contract.
  4. The Preparation of Specifications
    The refurbishment, renewal and new installations require a specification to obtain competitive tenders for the proposed works. The specification will include terms and conditions which will be designed to suit the particular project and Client. The terms and conditions will include terms of payment and penalties for late completion of the project. The specification will also detail the major items of equipment to ensure the best quality to suit the project with the electronic components having open protocol. It will establish the guarantees of the completed works. The specification is designed to ensure that when the lift(s) and/or escalator(s) are complete any competent lift/escalator contractor can maintain and repair the equipment following the guarantee period.

    Lift installation
  5. Site supervision
    When a new lift(s)/escalator(s) are being installed or refurbished, the process must be supervised by an independent body. A report can then be sent to the Client. As work progresses the contractor will apply for payment.
  6. Payment certificates
    During the installation period, the contractor will apply for payment. W J & A will examine the application, attend site and value the work completed and the material delivered to site. Should the application correspond with the valuation, W J & A will prepare and issue a payment certificate with the application to the Client with a recommendation for the Client to pay the contractor.
  7. Witness testing
    On completion of the installation the contractor will undertake a test procedure in accordance with the appropriate standard. Following this test W J & A will attend site with the contractor and carry out an independent test of the installation to ensure that the installation is fully complete and installed in accordance with the specification.

    Should the installation not comply with the specification or be defective then W J & A will issue a list of defects to be completed by the contractor. When all defects are complete, W J & A will allow the installation be put into general use. Operation and maintenance manuals will be delivered to site following the examination by W J & A.
  8. Re-testing of existing lifts
    When an existing lift installation, new or old has become so unreliable that the contractor is unable to restore reliability, W J & A will carry out a re-test of the lift as if it was new. This process will normally highlight the problems. The contractor can then carry out the appropriate repairs or modifications necessary to reinstate reliability.
  9. Site meetings
    During the installation of the lift(s) or escalator(s) W J & A will hold regular site meetings. W J & A will issue minutes of the meetings to the Client and contractor confirming the progress of the works and points of interest.
  10. Contract negotiations
    The specification prepared by W J & A will include conditions of contract designed to support the Client including the terms of payment and penalty for late completion of the works. Should for any reason the contractor is unable to comply with the terms of the specification, W J & A will negotiate on behalf of the Client favourable terms for both the Client and the Contractor.
  11. Traffic studies
    When preparing a multi-story new build, the Client and Architect will need to know the number, size, speed and location of the lifts to provide the optimum lift performance. W J & A will prepare an independent traffic study to provide the Client/Architect sufficient information to make an informed decision.

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